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A scientist of discovery as powerful as Galileo, Newton, andEinstein who proved about the relationship only between the Koranand the design and structure of the human body is Dr AhmadKhan, he was graduated sum ma cum Laud from Duke University.Although he was a rising young scientists, visible only to God andhis love for his discovery of genetics. His office is decorated withcalligraphy, paper award paper crumpled stacks of books and scriptures are often in the opening show that it is a combination ofscientists and lovers of the holy book
One of the shocking discovery that the world of science is thediscovery of information other than construction polypeptidesconstructed from DNA co don. The first verse that encourages the study was the letter Fussily paragraph 53 which is also strengthened by the findings of embryology expert Professor KeithMoore of Canada. His invention was inspired when Khatib duringFriday prayers read one paragraph that is related to the biological sciences. The sound of the verse is as follows: "... wa fi sanuriihimayatinaa filafaaqi anfusihim htta yatabayyana lahum annahuul-haqq ...
 then will we bow our control signs in nature and within themselves, until it is clear to them that this is the truth. "

Initial hypothesis that proposed Dr Ahmad Khan was the word "a y a t i n a" which have meaning "Allah" is described by Allah that there are also signs of its power in human beings. According to Ahmad Khan verse verse God is also in the DNA (Deoxy Nucleotide Acid) human. Furthermore, he thinks there is a possibility that verse Al Quran is part of human genes. In the world of biology and genetics are known many DNA that is present without producing the protein at all. Area with no production is called Junk DNA or junk DNA. In fact DNA according to Ahmad Khan, a far cry from the meaning of garbage.According to the results of his research, junk DNA is a string of words the word of God as creator as well as signs of the greatness of Allah for a people who think. As quipped by God; Afala tafakaruun (whether you do not want to engage in meditation or to use common mind)
After working premises named his brother Imran, an expert in systems analysis, genetic labs get government projects. The project was originally intended to examine the human intelligence.With hard work Ahmad Khan tried to find Arabic letters which may be formed from codon chain on human chromosome. Until such combinations result in al quran verse. Finally, on 2 January 1999 at 2 am she found the first verse "Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem, Iqra bismirrabika ladzi khalaq"; read the name of your Lord who created "the verse is the beginning of Surat Al A'la q which is the first letter of Allah revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the Cave of Hira. Surprisingly after the discovery of the first paragraph is another verse appear one by one quickly. Until now he has managed to find the tenth verse of the Quran.In an interview quoted "Um mi" 6/X99 edition, Ahmad Khan said: "I believe this discovery amazing, and I risked my career for this. I discuss my findings with two of my colleagues; Clive and Martin a geneticist who has been cynical with Islam. I wrote to two other scientists who had always been allergic to Islam, Dan Larhammar from Uppsala University in Sweden and Ar is Dreisman from the University of Berlin.Ahmad Khan then collect discovery findings in several sheets of paper that many genetic code contains the code available cordon on human chromosome chain, namely: T, C, G and A respectively Nucleotide code will result in Arabic letters that when strung together would be the word of God that was amazing.
At the end of the interview Dr Ahmad Khan told him "I hopepublication of my book" Al Quran and Genetics ", Muslims areincreasingly aware that Islam is a complete way of life. We can notseparate religion from political science, education, or art. I hopenon-Muslims recognizes that it is useless to contrast science withreligion. So Hugo with the science of nursing science. the authorhopes will come steeped in a generation nursing scienceprinciples extracted from the Islamic religion. It can be started fromgood intentions of the policy holders (decision makers) are goodMuslims in educational institutions or at government level. Facilitateand provide support morally and financially.

The opening curtain liver pharmacologists Thailand 
Tahasen Tajaten Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Chiang Mai Thailand, recently embraced Islam while reading the paper, Professor Keith Moore of the United States.Keith Embryology Moore is a leading expert from Canada, citing a letter An Nisa verse 56 That explains the which the burns are deep Enough not to cause pain Because the tip of the sensory nerve endings have been lost. Returning to Thailand after his Tajaten Findings Explain to students, students eventually as many as five people have embraced Islam. 
An Nisa sound of the letter include the Following: "surely infidels against paragraph paragraph us, someday We Will enter into hell, all Their skin burned, We replace Their skin with another skin for pain of punishment. Allah is Mighty, Wise." 
Reviewed the anatomy of the skin layer consists of the global top three layers, namely: the epidermis, dermis and sub Cuties. In Sub Cuties layer contains nerve endings end. In the event of Combustion grade III (That burns have penetrated the Sub Cuties) one sign That the loss of the patients pain. Because this is the already non-functioning of the tip end of the afferent and efferent nerve fibers regulate the sensation That Perception. That is why God regrow Damaged Skin Pals WHO he was rejected His Tortured Servants Servants cans so That They feel the pain of Such punishment GOD. God is great WHO have inserted the word of His Word and His greatness through the information part of the body cells, chromosomes, blood vessels, nervous etc. vessels. Rabbana makhalqta hada batila, "God does not exist at all That you create it in Vain. 
From Ark Towards Islam.

A marine expert stating how His spellbound he told Al Quran which has provided the answer to his quest for this. Prof. Yves Cousteau Jacques an oceanographer, who often appeared on television on the Discovery show, when you're diving to find some fresh water spring in the middle of the ocean depths. The eyes are different levels of water chemistry, color and taste and not mixed with sea water another. For many years he tried to conduct research and seek answers to the mystery. Until one day meet with a Muslim professor, then he explained about the letter the Koran verse Ar rahman verses 19-20 and surat Al-Furqan verse 53. At first verse is interpreted in the estuary mouth of the river but the river was not found pearls. Fascinated Mr. Cousteau until he converted to Islam. Quote these verses are as follows:
And it was he who let the two seas to flow (adjacent) that is fresh and fresh again another bitter salty again, and He made ​​between the two walls and boundaries that prevent (Surah al Furqan: 53)
Based on the above case example, can give us that the Holy Koran verses to explain the phenomenon of Chromosome afford, Anatomy, Oceanography, Nursing and Space. Actually there are many verses in the Qur'an verses that explain phenomena such as evolution and genetic as-Sajda Surah 4, verse al A'raf 53, Surah Yusuf 3, Surah Hud 7.