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Best Sleeping Positions For Body Health Neck pain, stomach problems and even premature wrinkles could appear due to wrong sleeping position.

VIVA news -Sleep is not merely land a body to the mattress. Body position atrest also require attention. Do not let reap trouble because of wrong sleeping position.

Neck pain, stomach problems and even premature wrinkles could appear due to wrong sleeping position. Therefore, find the best sleeping position for your body, as quoted from pages Shine:

Face up In addition to avoiding the pain in the neck and back area, this position can also reduce problems in the stomach. Use a pillow with a thickness of medium to the head for the throat is higher than the position of the stomach. This effectively prevents the stomach acid.

The lack of friction to the front of the body pillow or mattress also helps prevent wrinkles on the face and breast. However, this position is not good for those who have a habit of snoring.

Sleeping with his back against the mattress perfect ease the head, neck, and spine to maintain a neutral position. This position is keeping in shape so as not curved spine.

Tilt position is also effective to avoid neck and back pain, prevent the production of stomach acid, as well as reduce snoring. This position is also very good for a woman who is pregnant as it will expedite the flow of blood.

However, this position is not hostile to the elasticity of facial skin and breast. "Friction one side of the face into the pillow can lead to wrinkles, as well as an unbalanced pressure disturb breast elasticity," said Dee Anna Glaser, MD, a professor of dermatology at Saint Louis University.

"Use a pillow that fills the gap between the shoulders and head so that head and neck can teasing in a neutral position," Ken Shannon, a physical therapist from Birmingham and Woman's Hospital, Boston, added.

Half Sit This position is very good for pregnant women and those with severe snoring problems. This position will facilitate the respiratory tract.

Although not the recommended sleep position, sleeping with a wedge pillow backs hangings also avoid neck and back pain, prevent wrinkles, and maintain the elasticity of the breast.

"This position is curved so that limits diaphragmatic breathing," said Dody Chang, an acupuncturist licensed from the Center for Integrative Medicine at Greenwich Hospital, Connecticut.

Prone sleeping position is virtually as the worst. "Sleeping with the stomach attached to the mattress to make the spine is difficult to maintain a neutral position," said Shannon.

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